Is Video Surveillance All About “Watching” Only? Think Again!

Video Surveillance monitors behavior, activities, or other changing information for the purpose of influencing, managing, directing, or protecting people. CCTV Cameras provide a means for observation by means of electronic equipment over a relevant transmission medium due to distance. Video Surveillance is the result of this effort. The past advancements provided for a reactive type of approach regarding monitoring. Those monitoring could only tell a story of what happened. The very origin of the word from the French meaning “to watch over” illustrates the basic principle of surveillance. That’s all CCTV was all about…watching! This approach only made story-tellers.

The recent developments, however, have gone a step further to design proactive systems rather than reactive ones. Among them, we do have the following basic advancements:-

1. Centralized Management and Control

Alongside the emergence of the need to address multi-locations for decentralized operations, an effective solution must address the requirements for E-map monitoring, Sequencing and Camera Grouping as well as Daily Highlights.

2. Preventive Safety and Security

It is rather strange that we only relied on monitoring! What a life that was! Cutting edge solutions must now address the need for Motion Detection, No Motion Detection and Facial Recognition. Further considerations include Intrusion Detection, Missing Object Detection, License Plate Recognition, Trip Wire, People Counting, Loitering and Vehicle Counting.

Moreover, the challenge posed by No or Delayed Notification must squarely be addressed through the use of features like Email with Snapshot, Video Pop-UP, SMS and Audio Alarm & Buzzer options.

3. Storage Optimization

Have you thought about the downtime of the solution yet? That’s the scariest part of any security setup. A solution of choice must deal in totality with the need for Evidence Lock, Clip Export, Redundancy and Health Status Reports.

4. Bandwidth Optimization

With the need to manage distances as well as off-site storage came the high cost of solutions. This considered Bandwidth, Storage and Server.

An intelligent solution solves these by providing for Edge Recording, Multi-streaming, Adaptive Recording, Camera-wise Recording Retention, Internet Dongles with Private IP, Two-level Data Compression & Archiving and NAS and FTP options.

5. Integration with Peripheral IP Devices

The ever growing demand for a disparate solution requires Integration with Third Party Event Notifications. This is alongside Interoperability requirements. A good solution handles these with the least of difficulties.

When considering a Video Surveillance Solution, think along these lines!

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