Technical Service

A sudden repair requirement might prove expensive and going in for a Technical Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be beneficial. There is a gap of technical support that need to be considered to make a complete package. In short, a Service Level Agreement is the final word that guides two parties with one providing a service to the other. It is a formal document that puts in writing what the two parties have really agreed on. There are, however, certain things that you must know about these contracts before you actually get into one.

  • Comprehensive SLA

This includes repair and replacement of the faulty parts for a lump-sum price. The charges include labor and the parts replaced.

  • Non-Comprehensive SLA

This type of Service Agreement does not include replacement of parts. Whereas it does not charge for the labor, the customer pays the actual price for the parts replaced separately.

To summarize this, a Technical Service Level Agreement are value added services our customers get over and above the general installation.

General Maintenance

Teledata Technologies sets your systems up properly from the onset. Our friendly technicians will visit the site and install your systems and make sure everything works. Additionally, they will show you the basic usage of the applications. We equip our technical staff with advanced chest of tools that not only save your time but also prevent tampering. Besides just dealing with clients, Teledata Technologies educates them and helps them acquire prompt and quality service.

Repair Center

Teledata Technologies’ modern repair center has a dynamic staff working to provide the highest quality of service in a timely fashion. We equip our Repair Center with latest tools and gadgets. We train our engineers at factory level to repair the wide range of the products we offer whether under the warranty or non – warranty slot. Our customers receive all these value added services at reasonable rates and to their satisfaction!

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