Power Backups

We offer a wide range of Power Backups to support your mission-critical equipment with clean power during power outages. This ensures the supported services remain available before the standby generator kicks while protecting the equipment from potential power hazards. These hazards include voltage surges and spikes, voltage sags, total power failure and frequency fluctuations.

Our Power Backups are renowned for very high efficiency levels. This in turn ensuring as much power reaches your end devices with minimal losses. This, in essence, translates to huge savings on the customers end. Our solutions come with monitoring capabilities which allow the operators the comfort of knowing how the UPS is performing in real time. This ensures they are hence able to take the corrective actions in good time.

Scalable Power Backups – UPS Systems

A scalable design further allows for a cheaper start with possibilities of growth as the size, demand and scale of the operation grows. Features that add value to the customer include single-phase and three-phase options, scalability and redundancy.

Our UPS systems find their applications in PC and Peripherals support, Server and Network Equipment, Data Center and Industrial Equipment and spearing across financial, medical, industrial facilities, Medium Sized Enterprises and so much more.

We also offer a large selection of accessories and monitoring software to complete and complement our UPS power offering to ensure compatibility among various components in an installation.

In a nutshell, our UPS systems feature the following:-

  • Leading AC-AC Efficiency
  • Fully redundant and configuration design
  • High input and output power factors
  • Low iTHD
  • Easily expandable without requiring additional hardware

Our team of experts is readily available to offer related services from installation, commissioning and after-sales support locally. Moreover, we train our customers on all aspects regarding the maintenance and first-line support of the system to their satisfaction and comfort. Call in for more details!