People Mobility Management!

With the growth of society came the need to manage people! People on the move and Accessing various resources, some Allowed and Others Not! That’s where People Mobility Management concept comes from.

Among these applications, we have:-

1. Time-Attendance (TAM)

As organizations grew, the challenge of monitoring Attendance became a reality. There was need to develop a solution addressing Late-in/Early-out Policy, Compensatory Off (C-Off) Policy, Overtime Policy and Authorization, Absenteeism Policy, Shifts and Schedules, Automatic Shift Correction, Holidays and Restricted Holidays, Manual Entry and Corrections, Attendance Summary, Attendance Notifications, Leave Management and Reporting.

2. Employee Self-Service (ESS)

This comprehensive web-based portal allows employees and managers to monitor all their time-attendance and leave options enabling them to Mark Attendance, Check Attendance and Leave Status, Shift Schedules, Attendance Correction, Leave Application and Approval, Cafeteria Details, Message Board, Visitor Pre-registration, Reporting Officer Self-Service and Add/Edit Personal Details.

3. Access Control (ACM)

An effective ACM Solution must address the fundamental question of who, where and when by deploying complex features of Time, User and Zone based Access, Home Zone and Visit Zone, VIP Access, Fist-in User, 2-Person Rule, Man-trap and Guard Tour, Door Auto Re-lock, Dead-man Zone, Anti-pass Back, Do Not Disturb Zone,Route based Access, Occupancy Control, Smart Identification, Blocked Users, Time Stamping and Who’s In.

Data Centers require an additional Biometric Authentication to Data Centers and Racks, Pre-defined Access, Integration with Video Access, SMS and Email Notifications. Additionally, Alarm on Door Abnormal, Central Monitoring through E-map and Door Status Monitoring are important features. Now this is being proactive!

4. Visitor Management (VMM)

An efficient VMM Package is designed to automate visitor management process via Visitor Pre-registration, Pass creation, Notifications, Visitor Access and Visitor Escort. In the same way, other useful features include Visitor Dashboard, Frequent Visitors, Material Tracking and Visitor Reports.

5. Cafeteria Management (CMM)

With this solution, it is now possible to to automate the process starting from placing an order to delivery and payment. Imagine having a Customized Menu, Menu Schedule, Auto-selection of Item, Cashless Transactions, Refund Requests, Balance Recharge, Food Planning, Blocked Users, Consumption Status, Export Data to Payroll and Billing Software and Informative Reports.

6. Roster Management (RSM)

An effective solution in Roster Management should address the need for Employee Profile Creation, Employment Type and Contract and Attendance Policy. Furthermore, it must handle Region based Labor Rules, Special Days, Fixed and Flexible Shifts, Shift Pattern and Shift Matrix, Multi-week Forecasting and Budgeting. Additionally, it must solve Roster Creation-Auto and Manual, Department-wise Roster, Attendance Correction, Employee Portal and Payroll Integration. Don’t just start anywhere! Start here!

7. Contract Workers Management (CWM)

Are you a Manager of a Contractor? Is your worry Work Master Creation, Work Order Creation, Monitor Task Completion Status, Worker Database, Work Hours Calculation, Shift Generation, Web-based Dashboard, Report Generation, Export to Third Party Applications, Labor Enrollment, Labor Pass Creation? There is an answer to your queries.

8. Vehicle Access Management (VAM)

Would you like to track and manage different types of vehicles coming and going out of your organization’s premises? This is now possible to details such as Vehicle Profile, Real Time Summary, Notifications, Approve/Reject/Blacklist Vehicles and Reporting.

9. Job Processing & Costing (JPC)

This package allows you to track and monitor project costs effectively via Job and Project Process Monitoring, User/Device-wise Job Assignment and Central Monitoring. Moreover, if allows for Inclusion of Independent Jobs, Job Hours based Payment Policies, Site Mapping and Reports. Now you know!

10. Field Visit Management (FVM)

Is tracking of field staff your concern? Are you considering Creating Schedules of Individuals, Assignment of Daily Work Tasks and View Field Visit Status? Is Live Tracking of Schedule Status via Reports, SMS and Email Notifications on Exception your worry? There are possibilities beyond your imagination.

This is more than just Access! It’s People Mobility Solution!

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