Network Infrastructure

Teledata Technologies undertakes turnkey IT projects for IT network equipment and infrastructure. While providing a bottom – up approach to designing networks such as LANs, WANs and Clusters for small businesses and corporate clients, Teledata Technologies takes a look at your needs and infrastructure as a whole to design networks that suit you best.

The design of these IT networks follows several steps, specifically, Entrance Facilities, Equipment Rooms, Backbone Cabling and Horizontal Cabling. Moreover, Data Center or Telecommunications Enclosure, and Work-area Components connecting the end-user equipment to outlets of the horizontal cabling system are also checked. This package is delivered in a customized solution to match your company size, growth patterns and usage to illustrate.

Certified Personnel

Our engineers hold Siemon, GigaNet and Cisco Certifications among other professional certifications. Regardless of the size of your business, our network integration solutions allow you to balance traffic loads across multiple servers. Furthermore, they provide higher availability, better response time, and increased reliability.

By Teledata being a Siemon Certified Installer, our customers stand to benefit from:-

  • 20-year warranty on applications and products
  • Open Cabling System. By selecting the cable that best suits the business needs of the end user
  • Compliance with ANSI and ISO standards in design, installation and administration of telecom cabling
  • International Network of Certified IT Network Installers supports multi-site and multi-national end users
  • Certified Installer Training ensuring standards – compliance and design
  • Siemon has the right to audit Certified Installer procedures and documentation at any time
  • 100% Link and Channel Testing – documented and kept on file for the duration of the warranty
  • The Siemon Cabling System is independent of active networking equipment

A good network infrastructure is not accidental but a result of well-calculated effort; one that considers the current as well as future needs. Are you considering a new network or upgrading an existing one?