Network Security

No enterprise stands on it’s own. As collaboration is imminent for survival, its apparent that some form of network must exist to allow for communication between enterprises. As networks grow so does network security evolve with the changing data security threats of today. Teledata creates security solutions based on the latest technologies to keep your organization safe from malicious activity. More than ever before, network security must become application-aware in order to mitigate application threats.

Our solutions give companies complete control over applications, users and content and can greatly reduce the risks to any organization when combined with role based access control.

Some of our key solutions include:-

  1. IDS/IPS – Detecting hack threats is the first step. Preventing them is our focus
  2. Next Generation Firewalls- trying to control ports and IP addresses is no longer an effective security strategy due to the evolving nature of web threats
  3. SSL & IPSEC VPN – two versions of VPN services give you the flexibility to deploy whichever version best fits your needs
  4. Application Visibility – reduce loss of productivity, compliance issues, threat propagation and data leakage risks
  5. Threat Security – stop bad applications. Scan allowed applications for all types of threats. Do it at multi-Gbps speeds
  6. Managed Network Security – let us put our solution onsite and we will manage the security of your network; wired and wireless
  7. Web Content Filtering – salacious and Malicious websites are popping up by the minute these days
  8. Network Security Analysis – scanning of the network perimeters and network devices allow for a thorough examination of the vulnerabilities in your environment
  9. Malware Scans – malware encompasses viruses, adware, spyware, worms, Trojans, SPAM, and other active malicious content
  10. Application Control – regain control over the applications on your network – good, bad, and evasive – with user-based policies

For your added advantage, we can agree on a monthly charge as an ideal solution to avoid costly network upgrades and capital expenditures. We look forward to being a part of your success. Based on our wide spectrum of network security solutions, we ensure your business needs are well taken care as you fully concentrate on your enterprise goals and strategies.