Network Audit Service

We help organizations to gain meaningful insight into their existing network infrastructure and practices in order to effectively control it. Teledata provides this insight by auditing the current health of an organization’s network security, access controls, current availability, and performance.

Most organizations are completely unaware of the devices in their network and their configurations causing many of these devices to go unmanaged. Over time, most of these devices can become redundant or worse, out-of-date in both performance and essential security updates. These weaknesses, if not addressed, can result in an organization being unprotected in terms of data and network security. Some devices could also be left running on default usernames and passwords creating a weak point for an intruder to use to bring down the network. Other risks include a potential loss of or misuse of data that could have very gross implications on the enterprise.

Teledata can identify the risks and provide the corrective actions, while working alongside your company to map your network infrastructure. We offer an easy to understand approach to ensure you understand the risk and provide a matching solution through network security auditing. We advise customers on security holes that leave networks vulnerable to hackers, poor-practices, and actions from internal employees.

Consequently, our network audits raise the level of network awareness and data security in your organization. This, in turn, eliminates the lack of knowledge and in so doing, the danger of future costs associated with repair or replacement network solutions. In the end, optimized solutions are the result of the application of knowledge for better decisions and success of your IT solutions.