Modern Telephony Is Tailored Around Your Lifestyle!

You will agree with me that over the recent years, there have been immense changes in how people are accessing information and how they are communicating! You are a testimony of this if you stopped crossing the road to access a telephone booth to make a call!

Why the change?

1. More Companies Are Going Global

Under this scenario, it becomes important to Network Multiple Sites and Offices, Make use of Open Standard SIP Support, Require Mobile Extension through GSM/3G Mobiles, Consider Email to SMS options, Deploy Systems that are Inter-operable with Leading PMS/CAS; Systems that Support Third Party PMS/CAS that are also Inter-operable with Leading ITSPs.

2. Enterprises Are More Distributed

Have you considered exploring Multiple SIP Accounts, Software Configurable Parameters, Least Cost Algorithm, Centralized Maintenance and Administration? Believe me, this is your chance to achieve the results you have been yearning for!

3. Mixed Media (Email, Voice, Text, Video)

Are you confused which media to use when and where? Worry no more! An efficient UCS provides for Outlook Integration, Click to Call, Presence Sharing, Instant Messaging, Calendar Integration and Hot Keys.

4. Operating Cost Reduction

I can see the IT Manager looking for ways to convince the Board to accept this solution. You are now sorted! Fast and Simple Deployment, Modular Architecture, Gateway Functionality, Voice Mail System with Scalable Capacity, Easy Integration with other SIP Devices such as VoIP Gateways, SIP Servers and SIP Phones, Hybrid Expansion Cards to meet Requirements, Multiple SIP Accounts, Web-based Interface. No need to throw away those analog phones if the budget is limited. We start simple!

5. Teamwork & Collaboration

Alongside the mobile workforce way of working, Teamwork requires Video Calling, Multi-party Conference, Business Application for Android/iOS and Windows based PC. Additionally, Unified Messaging, IM (Chat) and Presence Sharing, Conference Dial-In, On-site and Off-site Mobility and Fax over IP (FoIP) are a concern.

6. Mobile Workforce

Did your CV just read that you can work under minimum supervision? You are in the right place! A good communication solution will, not only, guarantee your independence through the use of Voice Mail Service, Simultaneous Call Recordings and Call Queuing but will also offer Different Options to Configure Mailbox and Prompt Uploading through GUI.

7. Provide Better Customer Service

A Happy Team means a Happy Customer! Consider an Auto-attendant, Voice Mail, External Call Forward, Handover and Handoff Function with Android/iOS Business Application. Moreover, Callback on Trunk, Failover Resiliency – Universal Network Connectivity, Power Supply Redundancy, Multiple Systems Networking through ISDN QSIG and SIP and Return Call to Original Caller (RCOC) are useful features you shouldn’t miss.

8. Enhance Workforce Productivity

Today’s dynamic enterprise environment requires smarter communication solutions for diversified roles of employees. Firstly, it captures the flexible usage of devices round the clock, a mobile workforce, flexible work places, increasing competition and finally, the need for collaboration throughout the whole work process.

When considering a Telephony Solution, consider adding value! Telephony is more than just a call, It’s convenience!

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