Intruder Alarm Systems

Our intruder alarm solutions provide an alert when an intruder enters an unauthorized area while your property is unattended. We deploy these systems in residential, commercial, industrial as well as military properties. The main application is for protection against burglary or property damage, as well as personal protection against intruders. Our smart solutions offer you peace of mind while you are away or asleep.

Key benefits of our intruder alarm systems include:-

  • Constant protection and elimination of human errors
  • Strong deterrent to intruders
  • Lowers home-owners insurance premiums
  • Guaranteed peace of mind while away

Other additional benefits include the possibilities of remote monitoring and management. In some cases, we couple the solution with local armed response units to provide protection for your residential or commercial property. The possibilities of remote monitoring and integrations between different security systems further provide the active solutions to emergencies like fire breakouts, gas leaks or even floods.

Intruder Alarm Systems – Your Advantage

We support the latest technologies in motion detection, vibration sensors and magnetic door contacts. Moreover, we offer remote kits, transmitters, sirens and flasher units for the basic benefit of your peace of mind. Our intruder alarm systems and installations are standards based as we subscribe to various standardization authorities to ensure we deliver value to our end customers.

We design solutions that are cost-effective to meet your financial and budgetary constraints. A friendly team of well-trained professionals with years of experience in the field delivers the solution in a timely manner and with the desired results. No installation ends without a training session. We ensure you get comfortable with our solution and you are able to operate the systems effectively. Our equipment is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty terms and our excellent local support will address your immediate and long-term service requirements.

Protect what you love and value with our innovative intruder alarm systems!