Electric Fence Systems

With freedom in particular come risks. The challenge of restricting movement to unauthorized areas may lead to the need of electric fences systems. That’s where we come in. Electric fence Systems provide an economical way to restrict movement and take less time to build and maintain as compared to the legacy non-electrical fence. An electric fence energizer takes electric energy from a power source and delivers it to a fence as pulses. These pulses are commonly referred to as the “shock” felt by any animal or human which touches an electrified fence. Unlike a conventional fence, an electric fence is a psychological barrier such that animals or humans learn to respect the fence. Our customers derive from us quality and the satisfaction of having a partner that truly cares for them.

We offer high quality accessories such as fence energizers, earth stakes, fence wire or tape and underground cables. Our insulators, end strainers, fence warning signs, connection bolts and ultimately fence posts are of high quality. We can also achieve additional safety by coupling an electric fence with a new or existing razor wire installation.

Key benefits of our Electric Fence Systems include:-

  • Safety and Reliability
  • Durable and long lasting products
  • Fast Implementation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Protects existing fence installations

The end result of our efforts, consequently, is your peace of mind and value derived from the quality of products we put in and the experience of our experts in the field. In the end, you get to save on the time to maximize your gains knowing your property is safe and secure.

Our team of experts is readily available to offer the right design and specifications for your unique requirement as well as provide after-sales support in form of adhoc visits or maintenance agreements.

To make setting up the fence even easier, ask our team to do it for you!