Displays and Learning Solutions

Information is never beneficial if it can’t be communicated and that’s where we come in! Our projection screens, digital displays and learning solutions offer you the best in the market approach to sharing information. We specifically apply these in major supermarkets, boardrooms or cinema halls, places of worship, roadside displays and in schools. Our solutions makes use of interactive collaborative touch panels and white-board solutions. Coupled with wireless connectivity, these solutions eventually provide an easier learning solution for the modern school.

Vivitek NovoTouch is a powerful all-in-one touch display that is ideal for conference rooms, meeting areas and corporate lobbies. Equipped with Vivitek’s NovoConnect, it provides wireless screen sharing from any device. NovoTouch facilitates group work with its whiteboard annotation features and NT live screen to duplicate the screen and multiple NovoTouch displays. Our friendly technical team will eventually manage the transformation seamlessly making integration easy as you receive the added benefits of ongoing support and flexibility.