Audiovisuals in Kenya

Audiovisual Systems

At Teledata Technologies Ltd, we deliver a comprehensive package of audiovisual systems and solutions that ensure effective transfer of information for our customers. We assist our customers overcome the challenges faced by every setup to have meetings that yield results be it in School, Retail and Supermarket Chains, Government Institutions, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to name but a few.


We offer Projectors certainly for every setup and requirement: Pocket-size Projectors, Portable Projectors, Short-throw Projectors, Interactive Projectors, Home Cinema Projectors, Large Venue Projectors. Our Projectors and Projection Systems find applications in IT and retails, educational, audiovisual, large venue and home cinema setups. A boardroom without a projector is indeed unheard of these days! Read More…

Displays and Learning Solutions

We confirm without a doubt that information is never beneficial if it can’t be effectively communicated. Our projection screens, display and digital signage solutions offer you the best in the market approach to sharing information. We apply these in major supermarkets and boardrooms. Moreover cinema halls, places of worship, roadside displays and in schools are a few more applications. Our interactive collaborative touch panels and white-board solutions may also be coupled with wireless connectivity to provide an easier learning solution for the modern school. Read More…

Audio Solutions

Teledata is a one-stop shop for all audio requirements ranging from Voice Evacuation and Voice Alarm Systems. Our Intercom Systems, Loudspeakers, Professional Sound Systems and Scalable Conference Systems are likewise the best! We have applications in Banks, Call Centers, Shopping Malls and Housing Complexes. Religious Institutions, Home Theater, Professional Music Recording, Emergency Services and Law Enforcement Agencies thrive on our solutions. Read More…

Whereas Audiovisuals can be challenging, we go further to get you closer! We represent the best technologies in the field all for your comfort and peace of mind. Your challenges are our concern as you concentrate on your key business and organizational objectives.