Audio Systems

Teledata is a one-stop shop for all audio systems requirements. Our audio systems find applications in Banks, Call Centers, Shopping Malls and Housing Complexes. Moreover, Religious Institutions, Home Theater, Professional Music Recording, Emergency Services and Law Enforcement Agencies thrive on our solutions.

People in public buildings often face the risk of fire, violence and burglary. In this case a Voice Evacuation System is mandatory. EN54 certified Voice Alarm Systems ensure you can be led out to safety within the shortest time possible. Your safety always comes first.

Our intercom Systems provide a secure integrated audio communication solution that employs packet audio technology over the IP network. As a result, we achieve fast and accurate communications with optimal security and reliability.

We offer the right loudspeakers for every requirement and location. These range from ceiling speakers to wall speakers, from design to horn speakers you name it!

Professional Audio Systems

Professional sound systems maximize the appeal and emotion inherent in sound. This, consequently provides the perfect sound effect in every environment. It is about touching hearts!

Distribution products allow for processing and communication of various kinds of information; smoothly and quickly by means of microphones, amplifiers and megaphones.

Wireless systems find applications in various stages of product presentation to concert events as well as conference centers and theatrical stages.

Powerful and scalable conference systems allow for complete flexibility thanks to the wide range of both wired and wireless systems each offering its own unique capabilities.

We ensure that we give the right solution the first time whether you are recording or playing for quality control purposes or for security reasons. Our local team of experts is ready to address your specific need any time you need a solution and even after the installation is done. Just call in!